Hacking a ESP32 into FPGA Board

Colorlight Hub 5A-75B V6.1 Board
ujprog -d -j flash -s vhdl_blink-flash.svf vhdl_blink.bit
U23 and J4 removed
Bypass wires soldered in U23
Hot-glue raw pieces
Heat gun with hot-glue
Hot-glue on bypass wires
Power Connector and Serial Port
ESP32 fixed with double-sided table and wires soldered
JTAG Power Header
GND wire soldered
upload.py /dev/ttyUSB0 file.svf
Hello World output from FPGA



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Lucas Teske

Lucas Teske

Programming, Hacking, SDR, Satellites. Basically everything technology related. Everything is also posted on my site https://lucasteske.dev/