GOES GRB First Light!

  • Uses market standard DVB-S2 Generic Stream
  • Have FEC (as defined by DVB-S2)
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Easier to receive due DVB-S2 FEC
NOAA Recommended GRB Dish Size

GRB Ingestion

Besides that, I decided to make a GRB Ingestion module for Open Satellite Project (which I plan to receive 24/7 in the future). I asked NOAA if they had some test data I could use, and they forwarded me to CSPP-GEO project which has some test data. CSPP-GEO is a nice ingestion software for GRB and it’s probably the standard receiver nowadays. It outputs NetCDF files and receives a CADU UDP stream for each polarity. Still I wanted to learn the GRB ingestion process and do a more centralized processing (CSPP-GEO has several python scripts and a java ingestion server). So I downloaded their test data and started making the ingestor.

Sample Images

Here are some examples of Imagery got from CSPP-GEO Test Data (normalized and scaled images)



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Lucas Teske

Lucas Teske

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